My Approach

My furniture is handcrafted, a process where each piece is designed and built one at a time. Wood is carefully selected and matched from the start. All joinery is selected for strength over expediency. The finishes I apply are designed to expose the natural beauty of the wood, or if using paint, to provide vibrant color to the piece.

My intention is to build pieces that blend into the home space rather than intruding on it. I strive to build furniture that balances form and function.

My guiding principles are:

  • Simplicity in Design
  • Honest Craftsmanship
  • Respect for Tradition
  • Appreciation for the Home Setting

To those aims, these aspects are emphasized:

  • Solid wood construction
  • Exposed joinery
  • Strong horizontal & vertical lines
  • Primary use of native woods
  • Solid drawer box construction
  • Traditional joinery techniques
    Including mortise & tenon, dovetailing & hardwood dowelling
  • Allowances for seasonal movement
  • Matching wood for figure & color
  • High quality hardware
  • Nontoxic finishes