My Materials


  • Quartersawn White Oak
    The wood of choice for craftsman furniture, strong and sturdy with a visual appeal unequalled.
  • Hard White Maple
    Light colored and open grained, very strong and crisp.
  • European Beech
    Medium light in color, equally fine quartersawn or flatsawn
  • Native Birch
    Tan colored with dark streaking, open grain
  • Select Alder
    Medium soft wood , open grain with warm honey-colored sheen
  • Idaho White Pine
    Our state tree, clear pine quartersawn for stability and strength. A soft wood that paints very well.
  • Mahogany  I have many requests for this beautiful rich brown wood
  • Cherry  A classic furniture wood and just looks better with age




  • Hand-rubbed Oil
    This finish is made from 100% natural ingredients and is completely non-toxic. It contains no petroleum or chemical dryers. It is top coated with wax for sheen and durability
  • Table-top Varnish
    High quality wiping varnish built with multiple layers for maximum durability and higher sheen.
  • Chalk Paint
    A premium furniture grade paint, eco-friendly and available in a wide range of European style colors. Can be layered for effect. Top coated with wax for sheen
  • Two part Spray Finish 
  •  For big projects and for those who want the
  •                                                                 look of a bullet proof industrial finish