When I price a furniture piece my goal is to balance two factors, one is to meet the client’s budget and the other to receive fair compensation for the time and materials needed to build the piece.  I take careful consideration of both factors because I believe success is defined as a positive blend of the two.

In the showroom, everything is priced.  I have a wide range of pieces and an equally wide range of prices.  Changing the look of the furniture, the size, the wood used, or even the finish all effect the price.  I am committed to working with every client during the design phase to not only come up with the perfect piece of furniture for them but also charge a price that will fit their budget.  Once the design is complete, the price is guaranteed.

I ask for a 40% deposit when I start a project, an addition payment when the piece is put together, with the balance due at completion.  Idaho sales tax also applies.